yourlibrarian (yourlibrarian) wrote in bc_updates,

bloodclaim update for Monday -Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fic Updates
xandercordy1 Amends, Friendships And Moving On -- Chapter 19 and Chapter 20 (Adult)
bmblbee -- Period of Adjustment Chapter 23 and Chapter 24 (Adult)
slashtheboyz -- The More Things Change -- Part 26 (Adult)
virtualpersonal -- Awaken Chapter 6 (Adult)
sevendeadlyfun -- Ashes to Ashes Chapter 11 (Adult)
lusciousxander and lusciousspike -- The Exchange Chapter 5 (Adult)
devo79 -- Feral Memories Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 (Adult)
perverted_pages -- Truth Denied Chapter 19 (Adult) **


alexmfoster The Devil's Advocate (Worksafe)


soulless_love searches for and finds Innocent Deception by soulsrant
crazyxfish searches for and finds Waiting Here by Alexandria.
silentflux pimps rounds_of_kink
thispe Asks about underappreciated Xander stories.
geekgirl33 searches for and finds A Friend in Need by Mystic.

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